The past and the modern on the track

Maresi Project

Our new automotive project is a pure, unfiltered two-seater racing car totally dedicated to the pleasure of driving.

Handmade around a tubular chassis, a fiber body, a rear mid-engine with rear wheel drive, the car reveals aesthetics and performance.

Shapes inspired by the most beautiful racing car silhouettes of the past are combined with today’s technology.

Video production made by Acte & Avec Pauline Studio

Built by hand

Several craftsmen who are experts in their field are involved in this project. The car is a true artistic creation elaborated by several talents.

Nicolas Buresi : Modelmaker from Sbarro school

Eric Broadley Automotive : Chassis and suspension

ESP Sport : Mechanical assembly and adjustments

Drawings made by Acte

Back to the origins of the myth

Prototype #1 : high performance combustion engine

The ambition of our project is to offer a race car that can be adapted as a test base for a wide variety of technologies, from racing engines to the use of hydrogen or new fuels.

Simple, pure and responsive as were race cars in the golden age of motorsports. Essentials elements for maximum effect.

Weight : The minimum

Max Speed : The maximum


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