Effeffe: An Italian diva

The Berlinetta is a car with a strong personality, conceived in the mode of the essential, without any superfluous. A beauty inspired from the 50’s era, it combines glamour and nostalgia with modern and reliable performance.

Everything about this car is responsive, it offers the ultimate experience of driving. Each maneuver by the driver provokes a precise and immediate reaction from the Berlinetta, without any inertia.

The Officine Fratelli Frigerio

The autonomy and the manufacturing of the parts within the Officine Fratelli Frigerio, are privileged to ensure total control of the design and the assembly of the Berlinetta. Built by hand with passion, each car is a bespoke project: the true tailor made.  The members of the effeffe team are manufacturers and artists with a genuine passion for craftsmanship and cars. They build cars that make sense and get people excited

The Berlinetta is a car inspired by those few with the courage, audacity, and creativity to live by their own rules. It is a creation in its pure state, between the craft and the work of art. At the prototype stage, the bodywork’s sculptural forms are the result of the coachbuilder’s imagination, and mastery of shapes and materials, without any prior drawing. As a symbol in an era of mass-production, the values of effeffe are craftmanship and independence.

Philosophy from effeffe extends much wider than just beautiful race and road cars


effeffe has always conceived its cars as exclusive creations. Each model is in regular production, crafted by the “Officine” in small series.


For perfect driving precision, the Berlinetta’s suspensions are adjustable for all wheel alignment (toe in, camber and caster). The weight of the car is contained lowest between the axles.


The aesthetic appeal of effeffe cars is more than meets the eye. It is also an expression of their mechanical perfection. Their designs outlive passing fashion trends and always project contemporary beauty.


When owners of an effeffe talk about their cars, they will tell stories about passion, emotion, and affection.



Aluminum hand made


Space frame in welded steel tubes

DIMENSIONS (Lxlxh)  : 3925x1685x1250mm


WEIGHT  :  790 kg (empty weight)


FRONT SUSPENSION :  Independent with wishbones. The adjustable pull stiffener liner is joined to height and length adjustable bush upper swing arm. Stabilizer bar. Strut bar. Push-rod coil spring and coaxially double acting shock-absorber.

REAR SUSPENSION : Rigid axle, Lower trailing arms with adjustable upper trailing arms, live axle on adjustable T-joint. Watt’s linkage to prevent relative sideways motion between the axle and framework. Stabilizer bar. Coil spring and coaxially double acting shock-absorber

BRAKES disc front and rear with brake pump lightweight Ate. The two rear brakes have the cylinder separate from the caliper.





  • L4 Twin-Spark cc. 2000 HP 200 deriving from Alfa Romeo and revised according to  the FIA All.J 1971 rules
  • L4 Turbo cc. 1800 HP 220 deriving from Alfa Romeo revised according to the  Nurburgring 24 Hours 1991 rules

CONFIGURATION : Front mid-engine

TRANSMISSION  : Rear-wheel drive

CLUTCH : single dry plate

GEARBOX : Manual, 5 gears all synchronized, plus reverse

WIRE WHEEL : classic center lock, center cap and splined hubs, rims in steel, 15×6.00”

TIRES : Radial 205 VR15 or 6.00×15”


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