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Importer and dealer of iconic vehicles

Our ambition is to perpetuate the art of the automobile by combining the best of both worlds: classic models and modern technology. The ultimate goal is to develop all the senses that bring the joy of driving. It is not about transportation but about a journey at the wheel of the most beautiful cars. Our greatest delight is to see these cars driving for a long time to come.


Garage Hotel combines innovation, engineering, and design with the elegance and style of the classic automobile. Without deviating from our founding vision, we will soon give birth to a handmade racing car. Like the prototypes of the great automotive era, this new model will be a test platform for several technologies, ranging from new combustion engine solutions to the use of hydrogen.


Elegance is the essential virtue of our cars. They are appreciated by their beauty, the harmony that emanates from them, the technique, and the pleasure provided. By considering all uses, we remain open to all adapted technologies. Exclusivity and know-how are also our founding values. Garage Hotel works in the extended enterprise mode within a network of expert craftsmen to create exceptional automobiles.



Effe Effe

Ford GT 40

Replica Cape Advanced Vehicles

AC Cobra

Replica Backdraft Racing

Broadley T76 Mk3b

Broadley Automotive

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